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The Center for Applied Technology seeks to enhance relationships in the Westmont community through the innovative use of technology. One of the main ways we accomplish that goal is through CATLab: our summer program where we partner with students to build the college's critical technological infrastructure and prepare the students for success in industry.


CATLab Model

The Center for Applied Technology Lab (CATLab) is a program designed give students the experience and connections they need to launch their careers by inviting them into the business operations of the college. CATLab specifically works to enhance technological systems at Westmont, providing a platform where constituents can focus on relationships and educational content.

One of our goals is for students to grow to be extremely desirable assets to the professional community. Our staff members mentor students and serve as enthusiastic professional advocates in the marketplace as they seek their first roles after graduation.

For maximum success in this program, students typically follow this path:

  • Rising junior summer: first summer with CATLab. Learn, grow, contribute, and connect.
  • Rising senior summer: second summer with CATLab. Lead the team and intern with a local company.
  • Summer after senior year. Start your career OR third summer with CATLab, preparing for launch.





Training. We invest in student training using the Salesforce learning platform called Trailhead and through our own internal documentation. We will also connect students with experienced staff in their area of specialty.

Work. CATLab provides 20 hours of work per week. Outside CATLab, members are strongly encouraged to work in a half-time internship for to enhance professional experience.

Resume Building Experience. CATLab assigns real-world problems and, as a result, students receive incredible hands-on, practical business experience. 

Professional Connections. CATLab is connected to many of the tech companies in Santa Barbara - especially their Salesforce teams. This list of connections deepens and grows each year, providing an excellent onramp for internships and work after Westmont. 


CATLab Teams



Team jumping on beach

As a group, we embrace the CATLab Core Values: Authenticity, Curiosity, and Commitment.

Authenticity: We bring our authentic selves into our work. As people of faith, we long for greater meaning, for wider impact, and for deeper community. We are thrilled by success, refined by failure, challenged by conflict, and inspired by forgiveness. We will run into problems and encounter obstacles, but we will face our whole journey with honesty and fellowship.

Curiosity: We are fascinated by technology, hungry for knowledge, and humbly aware that we don’t have all the answers. We exercise wisdom in our own use of technology and create space for deep thought and reflection. We are not afraid to ask questions, seek solutions, and support each other as we pursue truth.

Commitment: We have taken on a task for Westmont College, and we will be faithful in fulfilling our promises. By finishing the tasks set before us, we will gain experience in our fields as well as certifications and credentials, which we value as external markers of our internal drive. We are people of character: we will get the job done, and we will not give up.


CATLab Software

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