CATLab Hire an Intern

Hire Santa Barbara's most promising young professionals

CATLab students are creative, motivated, and curious. Educated by one of the best Christian colleges in the nation, our students combine integrity, people skills, and technical ability. Our developers and analysts have extensive experience in Salesforce and coding, and our creative and ADR team members have wide-ranging communication and design skills.

During the summer, CATLab students work half-time at Westmont and half-time at professional internships. We've found that twenty hours per week (8am - 12pm every weekday) allows a company to get to know an intern, evaluate their success on a summer project, and decide if they're a good fit in the long term.

Possible Intern Projects:
  •  Salesforce Lightning Web Component development
  •  Salesforce Flow building
  •  Salesforce administration support
  •  Database clean up
  •  Data migration
  •  Business analysis and reporting
  •  Form building
  •  Website maintenance or improvement
  •  Marketing copywriting
  •  Email monitoring or sending
  •  Sales development representation
  •  Project management assistance

Please contact Zak Landrum, CATLab's program director, if you want to be on the list to interview CATLab students. He'll reach out in March with the best-fit candidates. You can make your offer to the person you see as the best fit for your company. Students are available to begin work the day after Westmont's commencement (usually the first or second week in May) and are available for 15 weeks.

Contact Zak