August 10-132022 Impact Conference

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Resilience With Community 

CATLab's annual Impact Conference crafts engaging, personal experiences by using powerful data-driven insights. This year’s conference, brought to you in the luxury of your own home, brings together Salesforce senior leadership, Santa Barbara community leaders, and Higher Ed administrators from around the country. Conversations will explore how business, education, and nonprofits can lead change in the 5th Industrial Revolution by using technology to build stronger community connections. Join us in these wonderful conversations and sign up today. 

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Our speakers range from higher-ups in Salesforce, professors from other credible colleges, and even our very own Westmont student development team! This conference covers a wide variety of topics and conversation around up-and-coming tech, softer skills needed to succeed in a working environment, and much more. Take a look below to see what we have covered in previous conferences.

Previous topics included: 

  • Community & Sharing: highlighting marketing, networking, UCSB's BrenConnect, as well as student success and flexibility in the work place 

  • Conversation & Innovation: highlighting Phil Komarny and his belief that the key to successful innovation is through conversation and contribution 

  • Student Voices: highlighting the work Westmont's own Westmont's own student development team has been doing throughout the summer, which included the creation of the application-review page as well as the beginnings of the student portal 


Photos from previous conferences: 

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August 10

A day for knowledge sharing amongst Salesforce users in higher education.

Planned Workshops include: Build your own CATLab, Transfer Credit Evaluation, Marketing Cloud Workshop (Best practices on Data extension management, Journey Building, and Permission Structure)

Full schedule coming soon—See a sample schedule

August 11

A day for the strategic technologists—those with responsibility for shaping how their institution relates with technology. 

Featuring presentations from Salesforce, CATLab, and other tech leaders on culture change and decision making.

Full schedule coming soon—See a sample schedule

August 12

A day for connecting local businesses and non-profits interested in working together

to improve the world using technology (Salesforce experience encouraged, but not required).

Full schedule coming soon—See a sample schedule

August 13

A day for those interested in how technology shapes relationships:

Join us for an device free hike, shared conversations on the impact of technology on our own lives, and a lecture considering how technology intertwines with creation.

Full schedule coming soon—See a sample schedule