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We help you create the space to learn from fellow technologists and system thinkers.  Whether you hire a CATLab intern to work through your company's backlog, attend the Impact Conference to connect with industry thought-leaders, or host an Art | Tech night to grow your company's influence, the Center for Applied Technology is ready to help you innovate.  How can we work together?

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Mission Statement

We seek to enhance relationships within and outside the Westmont community through the innovative use of technology.




“Going with interns that know the system was actually a more cost-effective route than hiring somebody that didn’t really know a system but had to be there full time. It was an easy pitch from a cost perspective. We needed something, and Westmont came with people that knew the system. All the pieces really worked together.”

—Avery Cloutier, Business System Manager at The Thornhill Companies

“I was pleasantly surprised with Kimberlee’s ability to work on her own. I felt like we were able to get her up to speed on the projects, and she could run with it...To be able to have an intern who can work in a different city and be productive and be a self-motivated worker was really impressive.”

—Andrew Clark, marketing manager at RDN

"CATLab prepares students to the point where “with [their] skill sets right out of college, [they] could come in for an internship for a few months and change how we do business in a very transformative way.” 

—Ian Monsma, program manager at RDN 

"CATLab is a very effective program to help the Westmont students deliver from day 1 when they join tech teams in the industry. I am grateful to partner with CATLab and Zak Landrum."

—Rohit Malik, Software Engineering Manager at AppFolio

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  • Art|Tech Nights offer words of wisdom and exciting opportunities for Westmont

    August 10, 2021
    Featuring keynote addresses from a speaker in the art field and a speaker in the tech field, the Art | Tech Nights serve as a connection point between the CATLab, Westmont, and the Santa Barbara community at large.
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  • Highlights from Tech Talks

    August 3, 2021

    Over the last few weeks, the CATLab has hosted many wonderful speakers who have offered some great insights. While there’s no way that everything we’ve learned could fit into a single blog post, we thought we’d highlight a few key lessons applicable to people both in and outside the tech world. It was especially cool to realize that many of them shared some of the CATLab’s core values—in particular, curiosity and authenticity.

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  • Student and Staff Directory Feature

    July 22, 2021
    The CATLab is proud to launch a new and improved iteration of the digital Student and Staff Directory. The project, headed by CATLab student developer Josh Fitzgerald, will overhaul an outdated and clunky user interface into a sleek and modern program that efficiently navigates students and staff wherever they need to go.
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  • CATLab Roots: Joel Banez

    July 14, 2021
    Though his humility prevents him from taking the credit he deserves, Joel Banez’s work as the Director of College Software is an integral part of the innovation of Westmont as it navigates a-21st century world. His consistent passion for improving the college’s user experience results in crucial institutional innovation. With his mind always looking to the exciting possibilities of the future, Joel’s impact on Westmont is sure to grow,
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  • Life Lessons from Form Building

    July 8, 2021
    What exactly do the four members of the CATLab Forms Team do? In listening to the reflections and advice from our Forms Team, we found that underneath their descriptions of their day-to-day activities were a lot of insights that apply to life just as well as they apply to web design.
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  • How We Stay Grounded

    June 30, 2021

    So much of our lives—and especially our work!—is spent in front of the computer. It can be easy to get caught up in tasks or to let the fact that we can work from anywhere make us feel obligated to work from everywhere. To counteract the tendency to get caught up in work or technology, a few of our CATLab members shared how they stay grounded.

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