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Here is your crash course on some common Westmont lingo & traditions:


DC (or "Deec"): Short for "Dining Commons," the DC is located on upper campus. This is a social hot spot where students grab meals, hang out with friends, and do work.

Indy/Indie: Also called a "One on One," this is a term for a planned hang out session with a friend, mentor, or someone you want to get to know better

BP: Students lovingly call the campus pastor, Ben Patterson, this moniker. You can find him leading chapel, preaching sermons, and meeting with students.

The Beebs: No, not that "Beebs" but Westmont's well-known and well-loved president, Dr. Gayle Beebe.

Winter Statues: These lifelike bronze statues seem to pop out at night during any walk across lower campus. You can find the statues of former president Dr. David K. Winter and his wife, Helene, right outside of Winter Hall for Science & Mathematics.

KSC: The Kerr Student Center rests above the DC. Here resides the Campus Life Office, the Campus Pastor's Office, a classroom, and several student organization offices (Potter's Clay, Intercultural Programs, Urban Initiative, and Emmaus Road). It's a space for students to study, meet, and occasionally catch a game or two.

VK: Van Kampen Hall, or VK, is the residence hall that houses mainly upperclassmen. This hall contains a large courtyard and a second-floor balcony.


Midnight Madness: Although this "madness" doesn't happen exactly at midnight, this fun, energizing event consists of an introduction to the men's and women's basketball teams, a 3-point shooting competition, performances by N'STEP and other student groups, as well as a dunking competition!

Spring Sing: This Westmont-favorite event allows students to show their hall pride by performing eight minute Broadway-style skits. The longest-running tradition on campus, this event involves more students than any other Westmont activity. These performances involve song, dance, and an occasional faculty/staff guest appearance to tell a story about the year's theme.

DiversiTEA: Hosted by Intercultural Programs, this women's tea is a space for women on campus to come together for snacks and drinks and to listen to some words of wisdom from an empowering guest speaker.

Potter's Clay: This long-running Westmont tradition has brought Westmont students into a lasting partnership with the city of Ensenada, Mexico since 1977. Westmont students spend their spring break week working alongside new and old friends to serve on various teams including medical/dental, VBS, sports, construction, kitchen, and more. "Juntos" is the shorter weekend trip held during the fall semester for those who want a taste of what Potter's Clay is all about.

Emmaus Road: Emmaus Road has been sending students across borders into various countries (including Bolivia, Nepal, Korea, Taiwan, Uganda, Guatemala, Spain, China, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Turkey, and Madagascar) every summer. These approximately month-long trips challenge students on global issues and allow them to be truly changed by their immersion experience.

Spring Break in the City: Urban Initiative organizes a short weekend trip during the fall as well as week-long spring break trips to the Tenderloin district of San Francisco, Skid Row in Los Angeles, and both East and West sides of Santa Barbara. These trips provide opportunities for students to engage in urban issues and learn how to serve locally and domestically.

Urban Teams: The student-led organization Urban Initiative also oversees local urban teams that include Bread of Life, Conversation Cafe, East Side Kids Club, Street Health Outreach, Training C.A.M.P., and West Side Ministries. These urban teams meet weekly to serve the city of Santa Barbara in various ways, whether that's serving meals to our friends without homes, providing basic medical care, mentoring kids, or more.

Pickle Tree Lighting: Westmont's annual Pickle Tree lighting is a favorite for current students, alumni, staff, and faculty alike. The festivities consist of cookies, warm apple cider and hot chocolate, pictures with Santa in Kerrwood Hall, a special speaker who gives the Pickle Tree address, and another to finally light the Pickle Tree! As if that isn't enough, the night ends with a special Christmas dinner in the DC put together by the President, his wife, and staff.

President's Ball: Every year, the President, with the assistance of his staff and WAC (Westmont Activities Council) decorate Murchison gym for the President's Ball, a free and semi-formal dance for all Westmont students. Desserts (served by Emmaus Road), music, and good fun are provided! In the middle of the fun evening of dancing, a dance competition is held with special gues judges to determine the winner.