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Grocery Stores


One thing that Santa Barbara is known for is its outstanding fresh fruits and vegetables. There are multiple Farmers Markets throughout week, where farmers from neighboring towns come to sell their fresh produce, flowers, nuts, dairy, and meat. For a schedule of weekly Market locations, please click here.

Additionally, there are multiple grocery stores in Santa Barbara.

Because you will most likely be taking advantage of the Westmont shuttle service ( due to Santa Barbara County regulation on parking permit privileges on campus), let us categorize nearby grocery stores by shuttle stop location:

By Shuttle Stop #1 & 2: Vons

By Shuttle Stop #3: Tri-County Produce (Arguably the freshest and cheapest produce in town. A 20-25 minute walk from shuttle stop #3)

By Shuttle Stop #4 & 5: Ralph's and Rite Aid

For a link to the Shuttle route and schedule, please click here.