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  • Study Examines Attachment to God, Psychological Distress

    January 5, 2022

    A national study examines the link between perceived relationship with God and mental health from a sample of more than 1,600 Americans. The research suggests that religious believers who relate to God in an uncertain or anxious manner are more likely to experience symptoms of psychological distress, including anxiety, paranoia, obsession and compulsion.

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  • Gardner Wins Award for Child Worker Research

    December 9, 2021

    Elizabeth Gardner, Westmont assistant professor of communication studies, won a Top Paper award in the Public Address Division at the National Communication Association Conference in November at Seattle. The paper, “Child Workers Redefining a Bolivian Childhood in the Código Niña, Niño y Adolescente,” describes strategies the young speakers used to campaign for their rights.

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  • Illustrator Chalks Up Another Milestone

    December 7, 2021

    A steady string of awards continues to paint an impressive career for Scott Anderson, Westmont professor of art. A jury has chosen his illustration commissioned by the Westmont College Festival Theatre, for the 64th annual exhibition of the New York Society of Illustrators, one of the most prestigious and competitive shows in the field of professional illustration.

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  • Small Cars Offer Big Lessons for Engineers

    December 7, 2021

    “Engineering is so hard you have to have fun,” said Dan Jensen, director of Westmont engineering, as small, remote control cars zipped along the road in front of Kerrwood Hall. On Dec. 6, students in Jensen’s Machine Design course raced their foot-long RC cars on a short, figure-eight racetrack as part of their coursework.

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  • Book Offers Respite from ‘Restless Devices’

    October 27, 2021

    It is difficult to imagine life without our personal devices. Today’s digital technologies are designed to captivate our attention and encroach on our boundaries, shaping how we relate to time and space, to ourselves and others, even to God.

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  • Book Offers Inspiration to Teachers

    October 4, 2021

    Beloved local educator Michelle Hughes has co-edited a new book that offers ways to reframe obstacles to teaching as opportunities for personal and professional growth. “Joyful Resilience as Educational Practice: Turning Challenges into Opportunities,” a collaborative effort with Hughes’ colleague and friend, Ken Badley, is available for pre-order through Routledge. A 20 percent discount is available if you enter the code FLY21 at checkout.

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