Dial-A-Ride is a free, reservation-based service for Westmont students, offering transportation to off-campus sites from Carpinteria to UCSB.  Students may schedule rides to and from churches, appointments, internships, jobs, research libraries, the airport, the train station, etc.

Dial-A-Ride hours:  8:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day.

We have 1 van and 1 driver at any time.  Requests are 1st come-1st served.

Ride requests aDAR Menure made on the Westmont app  --  under "Shuttle".  Click on "Shuttle Map" then click on "Menu". That will pull up a menu with "Dial-A-Ride" listed.  Click on Dial-A-Ride and the app will take you to the request form.

You can also reserve on your computer or other devices at:






INCLUDE THE DATE (FORMAT: 09/01/17) and TIME (FORMAT: 8:30 am) in your request.

PLEASE INCLUDE LOCATION NAME. For locations not pre-loaded, move the map to drop the pin at the location.  The driver needs to know the actual location (e.g. Wendy Foster).

DAR Request View

Requests are prioritized based on the order received.  You will get a message your request has been accepted or canceled. A cancelation means "we can't accommodate this particular request at this time".  Once accepted, you will see on the map where the Dial-A-Ride van is, tracking its location in relation to your request.

It is possible to create a request as far in advance as you want. Use the day, date and time format as shown above.

Reservation requests MUST BE MADE a minimum of one-hour in advance.

Rides are based on time and space available, so the more advance notice you provide, the better the chance we can accommodate your request.

The driver might combine ride requests to accommodate passengers, so you may be asked to adjust your pick-up time.

Drivers make every effort to arrive at your location.  “ON TIME” is considered 10 minutes before or after the requested time.


Plan to be ready at your pick-up/drop-off location 5-10 minutes early.

Dial-A-Ride reserves the right to refuse service to those who are repeatedly late or have excessive no-shows or late cancellations.

Questions/contact:  Karen Sloan, Manager of Office Operations, Transportation & Automotive

ksloan@westmont.edu -or- 805-565-6015 -or- 805-455-4964.