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Reviewing Faculty Applications  

Hiring Part-Time Faculty

Hiring Tenure-Track Faculty
New Course Approval Process Program Review and Assessment

Supervising Adjunct Faculty

Supervising Staff and Students
Department Chairs Calendar Guidelines on Filmmaking in the Curriculum


Faculty Position Request Form (docx)

Syllabus Guidelines
Adjunct Faculty Recommendation Form Guidelines for New Course Proposals

Mayterm 2018 Course Proposal Form

Academic Grant Worksheet

Faculty Search Protocols

Instructions for Job Announcements

Hiring Part-Time Faculty

Follow the process outlined below.

  1. Adjunct position approved by the Provost’s Office (typically, this conversation begins with the department chair and the Vice Provost).
  2. Provost's Office creates an online application for the position and provides the link to the department chair. (Contact Patti Hunter to have the application created.)
  3. Department chair recruits candidate and recommends selection to the Provost’s Office by submitting the Adjunct Faculty Recommendation Form to provost’s administrative assistant;
  4. Candidate completes the online application;
  5. Following the background check and interview with the vice provost, a decision about hiring is made and communicated to the candidate and the department chair and a contract is issued.

Hiring Tenure-Track Faculty

This document provides an outline of the search process and some principles guiding decisions about hiring.

All searches for full-time faculty positions—even those to replace departing faculty— must be approved by the provost, Mark Sargent. Prior to launching a search, Mark takes the advice of the Academic Senate about the value and priority of the positions. To begin the process, submit a Faculty Position Request Form to the Provost as early as possible and not later than September 1 of the year the search is to be conducted.

When your position is approved, you will work with the executive assistants in the provost's office, Kirsten Burdick and Jaron Burdick to have the announcement posted on our site and an online application created. See this document for information about your announcement and pp. 2-3 of the search process document for information about the online application.

Permissible Interview Questions

Supervising Adjunct Faculty New adjuncts will appreciate your help and that of your administrative assistant in getting them keys, finding their classrooms, getting set up with WebAdvisor, etc. Department chairs should plan to observe one or two of their adjuncts' courses during the semester and solicit some student feedback. This page provides some resources for part-time faculty.

Supervising Staff and Student Workers Department chairs oversee administrative assistants in their departments and will be asked to submit a performance evaluation of these staff members each year (May 15). Resources for managing and evaluating staff can be found here.

Hiring administrative and other staff (non-faculty) Use of Student Grading Assistants

For questions about this page, please contact Kirsten Burdick at 565-6007 or by email.