Waypoint allows faculty to access course rosters, record grades, access student academic programs for advising purposes, view the course catalog and search for courses, and more.


Waypoint can be found at waypoint.westmont.edu. To search for class listings only (no log in required) use the Course Catalog. The training resources for students can be found on the Student Records Office webpage. 

Use the links below for step-by-step tutorials to become familiar with the many applications and resources of Waypoint.


NEW Add/Drop Form:

     New Add/Drop Google Form

Getting Started:

       Adding and Accessing Waypoint as a Favorite in my.westmont.edu

       Viewing Demographic and Emergency Contact Information

Instructor Resources:

       Viewing Class Roster and Waitlist

       Recording Grades

Advisor Resources:

        Viewing and Understanding the Program Evaluation 

       Viewing a Possible Program

        Using Course Catalog and Search for Sections

       Planning and Scheduling Course Options for Future Semesters

       Clearing Advisee to Register and Viewing Registration Holds

       Waiving Prerequisites and Granting Faculty Consent 

       Completing the Application for Degree Process

       Viewing Advisee Test Summary

       Viewing Advisee Transfer Summary

       Viewing Advisee Grades

       Viewing Advisee Unofficial Transcript

For Your Reference - Registration Training Resources Sent to Students 

       How to Register for Mayterm Classes 

       How to Register for Fall and Spring Classes 


Please contact the Student Records Office if you have questions about Waypoint

805-565-6060, registrar@westmont.edu