WIM offers an integrative curriculum, in which topics learned in one class are reinforced and expanded upon in others, as well as in field trips and local excursions. Most importantly, students are learning and applying something new each and every day both inside and outside the classroom.

Students in WIM typically take 16 units. Most classes are 3 units. The Westmont Resident Director teaches one course, "Engaging Cultures," which is an integrative seminar designed to help you process the entire experience. All other courses are taught by highly qualified Mexican university professors.

  • Intermediate Spanish (SP 3/4) GE Modern Language
  • Advanced Spanish (SP 100) & Language in Context (SP 105) GE Writing Intensive
  • Advanced Oral Skills, Composition, and Grammar (for advanced Spanish students)
  • Mexican History & Civilization GE Thinking Historically, Common Inquiries
  • Principles of Art: Mexico GE Performing & Interpreting the Arts
  • Integrative Seminar: Engaging Culture GE Thinking Globally
  • Latin Dance GE PEA
  • Latin American Literature I & II GE Reading Imaginative Literature
  • Mexican Literature GE Reading Imaginative Literature
  • Literary Translation (for upper-level students)
  • Mexico/US Relations GE Political Science Elective
  • Mexican Schools Field Experience (Liberal Studies Practicum, for students with advanced Spanish)

WIM has a 2-unit pre-departure orientation seminar (IS 192) during the spring semester and an optional reentry seminar (IS 197) upon arrival back home.

  • A bonus of the program is the intensive Spanish language courses, allowing you to complete the equivalent of one year's language study in just one semester
  • The WIM program as a whole satisfies the GE Communicating Cross-Culturally
  • Students will return with multiple GEs satisfied (typically 5-7 GEs) and up to 16 units for a Spanish minor or major. 

Program Cost

The cost of the program will be standard Westmont tuition, fees, standard room and board. There is no program fee, but you will be responsible for the cost of round trip airfare from the USA to Mexico. 

Students are allowed to apply their financial aid awards from the college—both need-based and merit-based awards—toward the program’s cost.


  • Sophomores, juniors, and seniors from any major. Freshmen are especially encouraged to apply.
  • One semester of college Spanish or the equivalent. 
  • 2-unit pre-departure orientation seminar during the spring semester (IS 192).


  • Participate in occasional communal meals based on local diet with limited control over food choices.
  • Navigate multiple irregular surfaces and walk/travel an average of 3-5 miles a day independently and up to 10 miles a day on monthly field trips.
  • Anticipate having sufficient emotional wellness to fully participate in the program safely and successfully despite the limited availability of frequent access to psychological services.
  • Anticipate at least double occupancy accommodations on monthly field trips.
  • Receive the final dose of the Covid-19 vaccine at least two weeks prior to the commencement of the program. 
  • If eligible, receive the most recent Covid-19 vaccine booster at least two weeks prior to departure if it has been at least two months since your last Covid-19 vaccine or booster. 

How to apply

For more information about the program, contact Professor Mary Docter ( For more info about the application process, please contact


WIM Handbook

The WIM handbook is designed to help current WIM students navigate their semester abroad once you are accepted into the program. The handbook will answer many of your questions as you prepare for your trip, as well as give you valuable information while living in Mexico. A current handbook is not available at this time. Please email Dr. Docter if you would like to view a previous edition.