Westmont Downtown

Westmont Downtown equips students for life through tailored mentoring and empathetic collaboration. The program roots the internship experience to a core seminar, Social Entrepreneurship and Community Action, that offers skills-based curriculum, co-curricular activities, and technological innovation. In addition to the internship (20 hours per week) and the core seminar, students can choose from a range of elective elective courses.  (Open to all majors)

Westmont in San Francisco

Westmont in San Francisco is an internship-based, semester-long program offered both fall and spring. Students hone their professional skills while living and working in a unique urban setting in the heart of the city and looking more deeply at the cultural, ethical, political, and business-oriented aspects of modern society. The program's core is a pre-professional internship that involves a minimum of 24 hours each week. Tutorials and independent study in a variety of areas are available in addition to the core curriculum. (Open to all majors)

American Studies Program (CCCU)

American Studies Program has served as an experiential learning laboratory for students committed to connecting their faith to public affairs since 1976. The program is part of GlobalEd through the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU).  Each student enrolls in the program's two practicum courses: Internship and Topics in Leadership & Vocation, with the option of enrolling in a one-credit Professional Mentorship course. In addition, students apply to either the Public Policy track or the Global Development track. (Open to all majors)

American University, Washington Semester

Washington Semester is a program of American University in which students live and study at the Tenley Campus. Students have the opportunity to serve in internships in thirteen tracks including national politics, foreign policy, economic policy and justice, journalism, and a number of other fields. Participants come from over 200 affiliated colleges and universities in the U.S. and from 28 international institutions. A limited number of Westmont students will be nominated for consideration for the program each semester. (Open to all majors)

Christian College Consortium Visitor

Become a Consortium Visitor and spend a semester at a sister institution here in the U.S. which include Asbury University, Bethel University, George Fox University, Gordon College, Greenville College, Houghton College, Malone University, Messiah College, Seattle Pacific University, Taylor University, Trinity International University, and Wheaton College. This program is considered an affiliate program. Student must first apply to request a spot at ocp@westmont.edu.  (Open to all majors)

Oregon Extension, Ashland, Oregon

Oregon Extension is a FALL only semester program located in the mountains of the 100,000 acre Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument and is sponsored by Eastern Mennonite University. Students study interdisciplinary themes in four modules centered on the following guiding questions: What is Nature?, What is Community?, What is a Sustainable World?, and What Does it Mean to be Human? Special emphasis is given to individual professor-student interaction and attention to small group discussion and dialogue. Within each of these units, students choose one academic discipline from among the following: literature, psychology, sociology, philosophy, biology, theology, biblical studies, history, education, or science. Stipend awarded for early application.  (Open to all majors)