Fall Semester 2023 Westmont in Northern Europe

Explore Christ's Call to be Peacemakers

Fall 2023

What does “Blessed are the peacemakers” mean for us today? Join us as we travel to fascinating places and meet remarkable people who have known first-hand the conflicts facing their countries and have been directly involved in peacemaking efforts.

Students in Northern Europe


We will visit many places on our journeys, but we settle in for long-term stays in two exciting and beautiful places–Northern Ireland and Berlin, Germany–that have known deep conflict and have made great strides toward healing. 

We'll visit two other locations–London, England and Slovakia–for a week to ten days, just long enough to explore the riches they have to offer, some well known, some nearly unknown.


This will be learning like you've never known–active, integrated, and experiential. Every activity and every encounter, from museum visits to shopping for groceries, is an opportunity for learning. 

The courses fulfill seven General Education requirements. Even if you have or will fulfill some of these in other courses, there are plenty to make this program a great way to make progress with your general education program. 

  • Thinking Globally
  • Reading Imaginative Literature
  • Thinking Historically
  • Philosophical Reflections on Reality, Knowledge, and Value
  • Foreign Language
  • Communicating Cross-Culturally
  • Physical Education (one semester)
Professor teaching in Northern Europe

"Things I've only heard about became living and breathing places and people, with a power I never expected.”

Fulfills GE Thinking Historically & GE Philosophical Reflections

Professor teaching

“The classroom extends into the streets, churches, homes, museums, cafes and beyond."

Fulfills GE Reading Imaginative Literature & GE Thinking Globally

Westmont students in Northern Europe

“You can learn the art of peacemaking from textbooks but you won't learn how to be a peacemaker until you meet people who are working towards reconciliation in difficult situations with long histories of hurt.” 

Fulfills GE Communicating Cross Culturally

Student selfie in Brandenburg Northern Europe

"The German Language School homestays were fantastic, and a great way to learn the language."

Instruction provided by German Language School Berlin

Fulfills GE Modern Foreign Language

Westmont students mountain biking in Northern Europe

“‪I've held an owl and ridden mountain bikes through Narnia. It's not just school abroad, it's an adventure.” 

Fulfills PEA credit

Faculty Leaders

Dr. Cheri Larsen Hoeckley

Dr. Larsen Hoeckley teaches English, and specializes in Victorian literature and women writers. The influx of global voices, especially female voices, into literature in English in the 19th and 20th Centuries has led her to an increasing interest in global literature. She and Dr. Hoeckley have led 12 study-abroad programs together.

Dr. Christian Hoeckley

Dr. Hoeckley directs the Gaede Institute for the Liberal Arts at Westmont and teaches philosophy. He has interests in philosophy of science and philosophy of religion, but more recently has turned his attention to exploring the possibility of just warfare in both secular and Christian thought. He and Dr. Larsen Hoeckley have led 12 study-abroad programs together. 

Program Cost

Westmont tuition, standard room and board, and a program fee not to exceed $2500. You will be responsible for the cost of round trip airfare from the USA. 

Students are allowed to apply their financial aid awards from the college—both need-based and merit-based awards—toward the program’s cost.


The program welcomes who will have sophomore-level standing the semester of the program, juniors and seniors. Please note that priority in the selection process will not be determined by class standing.

  • GPA (minimum 2.3 gpa for eligibility)
  • Application and essays
  • Personal and faculty recommendations


In addition to the general qualifications above, the following are requirements that must be met, with or without reasonable accommodation, in order to complete all essential elements of the program. All participants must be able to:

  • Participate in regular communal meals based on a local diet and with limited control over food choices. In some locations, be prepared to participate in preparing and cleaning up after these meals.
  • Navigate multiple irregular surfaces and walk/travel up to 10 miles in a day independently. (Extensive walking, as well as travel throughout ancient cities and towns with narrow passageways and many stairs, are part of the daily life of the program.)
  • Navigate carrying personal items including suitcase and/or backpack without assistance.
  • Anticipate having sufficient emotional wellness to fully participate in the program safely and successfully despite the limited availability of frequent access to psychological services.
  • Anticipate at least double occupancy accommodations on some if not all locations.
  • Receive the final dose of the Covid-19 vaccine at least two weeks prior to the commencement of the program. 
  • If eligible, receive the most recent Covid-19 vaccine booster at least two weeks prior to departure if it has been at least two months since your last Covid-19 vaccine or booster. 

How to Apply

No longer accepting applications. For more information about the program, contact Professor Chris Hoeckley at hoeckley@westmont.edu.