Housing Office Commuting

Approved off campus students reside either in Ocean View or in a non-Westmont property. Off Campus non-Westmont housing is an individual request.

Off Campus Due to Special Circumstances

A number of off campus spots will be granted to students who get approval for Off Campus Due to Special Circumstances. These students will reside in a non-Westmont property. The stated circumstances below need to be verified:

  1. Married, or single and caring for a dependent child.
  2. 24 years of age or older, as of the beginning of the upcoming fall semester.
  3. Part of a specific housing accommodation to live off campus, as determined by the Office of Disability Services.
  4. Seniors who live at home with their local family (from Carpinteria-Goleta) and will graduate by May of the next year.
  5. Participation in the final year of the Education Credential Program (aka 5th year program).

Off Campus by Lottery

Students who are current or rising seniors, but who will not meet one of the special circumstances listed above, may apply for Off Campus by Lottery.  

Students apply as individuals. Qualified lottery requests are drawn using a random number generator.


  • Students who plan to graduate in December are NOT automatically granted off campus living for the fall semester, but they may enter the off campus lottery.
  • Students must be in good standing with Student Life and in good academic standing to be considered for off campus living.