Housing Office Fall Housing Application Process

Each spring semester, currently enrolled students request housing for the next academic year through the Housing page on their myWestmont Portal. This process is normally spread out from February-April to allow ample time for students, and is described in detail below.

3 Steps for Housing

  1. Submit your housing application form(s) by the due date(s) for the type(s) of housing you are requesting.
  2. Watch for an email from Housing on the notification date for the type of housing you requested. This email will give you the status of your request. If your request is approved, you will need to attend the room selection event. If your request is not approved, you will need to return to the request forms to submit an alternative request (if you've not done so already).
  3. Complete your housing.
    1. Attend your room selection event if your request is approved. If at least one member from your group (or your pre-authorized proxy) does not attend and select a room, your entire request may go to the bottom of the list or be removed from that housing option.
    2. OR, if you are approved to live off campus, submit the Off-Campus Living Agreement and provide your off-campus location to the Housing Office.

Types of Housing

DOUBLES: All campus rooms are doubles, except for VK and first-year rooms in Page. Requests must have a Group of 2 to qualify.

TRIPLES: This gives groups the opportunity to request VK or flex-triples (separately from a GLC flex-triple which should be requested using the GLC form). There are 2 kinds of triples:

  • Designated triples in VK
  • Flex-Triples which may be requested in Armington, Clark, Emerson and Page.

What's the difference between a flex and designated triple?

A flex-triple is a double room that is being expanded by request, for either or both semesters, to make it a triple configuration. Any double room in Armington, Clark, Emerson, and GLC can be requested as a flex-triple. Page rooms can be requested as flex-triples by returning students, but most elect these rooms as doubles and request them as such on the double application. IMPORTANT: flex-triples are limited in number based on our extra furniture supplies and are not guaranteed.

The only designated triples for returning students are in Van Kampen. VK rooms are not changeable to double-occupancy rooms.

When and how are triples requested?

Triple requests precede Double requests on the calendar, so Triple requests are considered prior to Doubles.

  • For GLC rooms, use the GLC request to submit a flex-triple request.
  • For all other rooms, use the Triple request to create a flex-triple or to request a VK room. Do NOT use the Double request.
  • Each student needs to approve their participation via their student portal in order for the triple group request to be complete.

What are the advantages of triple requests?

A flex-triple gives students the opportunity to not leave a 3rd friend "out in the cold". It can also help students who study abroad to have a spot for the semester they are on campus. For example, a Fall double may choose to expand their room to be a triple for Spring and have a friend returning from study abroad join them!

Flex-triple groups select their room prior to double groups with the same group point average.


  • GLC may only be requested by seniors and juniors. Due to high demand, requests containing one or more juniors are less likely to succeed.
  • A double configuration or a flex-triple can be requested on the GLC form. You do NOT use the Triple form to request a flex-triple in the GLC. A flex-triple may be for one or both semesters. There needs to be 3 students for the Fall semester to qualify as a flex-triple when we conduct the Fall Housing process. Spring only flex-triples (creating a Spring flex-triple from a Fall double) are considered when we conduct the Fall-to-Spring process in late October.
  • NO meal plan is assigned for GLC residents, as it is NOT required. This is the only campus residence hall which does not include the meal plan requirement. However, a meal plan is optional upon request. All requests for a meal plan must be requested in writing to the Housing Director (housing@westmont.edu). NOTE: typically about 1/3 of GLC residents request a meal plan.


There are different categories for off-campus living:

  • Off-Campus Due to Special Circumstances is a type of "Local Commuter in SB (LCSB)." This is an individual request only. The circumstances must be verifiable. To see the list of potentially qualifying circumstances, see Off-Campus Commuting.
  • Off-Campus by Lottery is also a type of "Local Commuter in SB (LCSB)." This can be requested by seniors only. This is an individual request only. A random number generator is used to grant a limited number of lottery requests.
  • Off-Campus at Ocean View is coded as "Local Commuter at OV (LCOV)." OV is for seniors and juniors only. Requests must have a Group of 3 or a Group of 4 to qualify. Due to expected demand, requests containing one or more juniors are less likely to succeed.

SOLO: This is for individual requests by students who do not have a roommate to sign up for a double or triple room. This form is not used to request a single-occupancy room (read below!).

  • Solo requestors may indicate their location preferences with this form.
  • Solo requestors are likely to be placed with other solo requestors, or in rooms where openings become available.
  • Solo requests are NOT for requesting single-occupancy rooms, as we do not offer single-occupancy rooms (except for RAs or as accommodations from the Office of Disability Services).

Squatter's Privilege

Consideration is given to students who request as their #1 option to return to their same residence hall for the next year. It does not grant consideration for reserving the same room, as rooms are reserved at the selection events.

Who qualifies for squatters?

Only students who reside on upper campus in Clark, Emerson or Page, and are rising sophomores can qualify for squatters privilege. There is no squatters privilege for residents in Armington, GLC, VK or Ocean View.

How does squatters work?

When a rising sophomore on upper campus requests to return to their same hall as their #1 choice for next year, we will recognize his/her squatter's privilege. It may be on a double room application, or a triple room application (i.e. for any optional Flex-Triple request in Clark, Emerson or Page). Only one student is needed for squatter's privilege, but if two returning residents request together, they would be given even more consideration.

Squatter's does not increase the points in a group request. Rather, qualifying squatter's groups are given more consideration in the competition for a limited number of allotted rooms during housing sign-ups.

Proxy Authorizations

What if I cannot attend my Selection Event?

In the event that not one member of your group can attend to make the selection, the group members should authorize at least one other student to attend and select on your behalf:

  • A proxy must be authorized by emailing housing@westmont.edu at least 48 hours ahead of your selection event. Your proxy must be a current Westmont student.
  • The proxy must attend your Selection Event at your sign-up time, and you are responsible for communicating your group's selection time to the proxy.


Do NOT wait until the last minute to communicate your proxy to Housing.

If you and your group fail to authorize a proxy in time for your room selection, OR your proxy fails to appear to select your room or apartment, your group may fall to the bottom of the list. Housing reserves the right to assign you any open room that is left in that type of housing at the end of the selection event. It is even possible you will be left out of that housing selection and each member of your group may need to START OVER with a new housing request.