Fast Facts:

⦿ Room Type: triples

⦿ Dimensions: 13' x 13.7', 208 sq ft/room

⦿ Hall Type: long hallway style with communal bathrooms

⦿ Rooms Include: 3 adjustable beds, 3 twin XL mattresses, 3 desks and chairs, 1 ladder, 12 stackable drawers, 2 closets, 1 wardrobe, 1 trash bin, & 1 recycling bin, curtains

Page's traditional layout, in which all the rooms open to a long, central hallway, offers many opportunities to meet others and forge new friendships. The hallways are convenient for gathering a late-night pizza party, sharing ideas about a class project, or simply enjoying some casual conversation. Page is located near the library, the post office, and Westmont's administrative offices in Kerrwood Hall.

The spacious and sunlit multipurpose room on the first floor draws community-wide events such as Vespers (the student-led Sunday evening worship service), and a variety of forums on current issues. Second and third floor lounges have been beautifully renovated with full kitchens, offering many opportunities for students to gather over shared meals, connect in group study sessions, and contribute to overall section community building.

Page is known for its traditions, including the Upper Campus dance cruise, Deck the Halls, Page/Armington Skate Night, and the Page People Choice Awards. With the combination of so many neighbors and a lineup of exciting events, our hope is that Page Hall would be a place of discovery of both self and community that far exceeds what you could have imagined coming to college.

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Resident Director

Matt Pace

Hello! I'm Matt Pace, the Resident Director of Page Hall. I graduated from Westmont with a degree in Communication Studies in 2016. I returned to Westmont in 2017 and spent five years working for admissions. Through this role, I discovered my passion for student development. As a Resident Director, I now have the rich opportunity to walk alongside students as they navigate college life and beyond.

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