Summer & Mayterm Mayterm on Campus

On campus housing during Mayterm

No one may reside in campus housing during the Mayterm period unless assigned by the Housing Director or Mayterm RD. Campus housing during the Mayterm period is available to students who:

  1. Enroll in at least one "in-person" Mayterm class.
  2. Participate in extended intercollegiate athletics beyond the Spring semester, when short-term housing is provided during the month of May.
  3. Need short-term May housing as a summer abroad participant (before the trip departs).

Students who live off-campus in their own residence and commute to campus (to participate in one of the options listed above) do not need to obtain approval or make any official communication with Housing. Parking permits are not required during Mayterm.

Meal Plan: The meal plan is required for 5-week Mayterm students who live on campus.

  • Athletes/Abroad Program: No meal plan is offered for students in short-term housing. Athletes/program participants should check with their coach/trip leader about meals.
    • Athletes staying on for Mayterm after their extended intercollegiate participation has concluded are on their own for meals. Athletes may purchase individual meals at the Dining Commons, prepare their own meals in the residence hall kitchen, etc.

Costs for Room & Board

  • Housing: $830 ( 5 weeks)
  • Meal plan: $540 (5 weeks)


Apply here: Mayterm housing

Submission deadline for on campus housing during Mayterm: last day of Finals. IMPORTANT: No online applications are accepted after the last day of finals.


Check-in takes place on Sunday after Commencement at Page Hall; 10am-2pm and 7pm-9pm.

  • Confirmed students for Mayterm housing will be given approval for extended Spring check-out (noon on Sunday after Commencement).
  • Students must first officially check out of Spring housing (by noon on Sunday) and bring their signed check-out slip to Mayterm check-in!


On campus housing during Mayterm will be in Page Hall unless space requirements or unforeseen circumstances require the use of a different hall. 

Services during Mayterm

  1. Reduced hours in the dining commons. The hours during Mayterm are typically posted on the entrance door.
  2. Campus Shuttle and the 955 services are not operational.
  3. Campus Health Center hours are typically reduced to 10:00am-1:00pm on Mondays and 11:00am-2:00pm on Thursdays.
  4. The Counseling Center is open Monday-Friday during Mayterm by appointment only. Students can request a counseling appointment on the Counseling Center website.
  5. COVE is open.


All Mayterm residents should expect their room to be fully occupied; we try to assign Page as doubles if space allows. Students may request specific roommates by naming them on the Mayterm Housing Form, but need to come to check-in together. Roommates are normally assigned with whoever is next in line! 


The deadline for Mayterm check-out is Saturday at noon (12pm) following the last day of class. The check-out procedure is determined by the Mayterm RD.

Questions or concerns?

Please contact the Housing Office.