Things You Need To Know General Information

Audit Registration: An audit registration is a non-credit registration for the student who wishes to attend the lectures in a course or take advantage of learning experiences in musical ensembles or private lessons without examinations, homework, papers, record of practice hours, or evaluation. Required course fees will be charged for all audits. 

The instructor's signature must be obtained on an add/drop form for audit registration. This typically does not occur prior to the first day of the semester so that the instructor can determine whether or not there is space in the class.

A course may not be changed from credit to audit after the last day to drop classes.

An audit may be dropped at any time until the last day of classes without penalty or record by submitting an add/drop form to the Student Records Office.

A grade of "AU" will appear on the student's transcript only if the instructor indicates that the student adequately participated as an auditor. A student who does not complete the audit and has not dropped it prior to the last day of classes will receive a "WX" grade for an unofficial withdrawal. A student who wishes to remove the course from the transcript must submit a request to the Registrar. A $40 late processing fee will be charged to the student’s account.

Closed Classes: Wait list information is available to instructors. Please see the instructor for any wait list questions.

Concurrent Enrollment: (enrollment for credit at another school while enrolled at Westmont) may be considered under the following conditions: the student is enrolled for a minimum of 12 units at Westmont, the course to be undertaken is not taught at Westmont, and the value of the particular course to the degree program is clearly established. Concurrent enrollment is appropriate for program enrichment or for solving serious class scheduling conflicts where a required course cannot be scheduled within the student’s remaining Westmont program. Petitions for concurrent enrollment must be submitted to the Student Records Office prior to enrolling in the concurrent course.

Fees/Refunds: Music lesson fees are not refundable after the first lesson or after the Friday of the second week of classes. Science lab fees and other course fees are only refundable prior to the first day of the semester. Consult the Westmont College Catalog for the complete refund policy. Questions should be addressed to the Business Office. 

First-year students: First year students may ONLY register for courses numbered from 000 - 099 in fall semester. They are not allowed to register for upper division courses, numbers 100 - 199.

Grading options available to students

  1. With the instructor’s approval, the student may register for any of his or her elective courses as Pass/No Credit. Courses taken to meet major and minor requirements and general education requirements (except PEA) must be graded on the "letter grade" scale. Courses taken in the major or minor department after the major and minor requirements are satisfied may be taken P/NC.
  2. Pass/No Credit registration is limited to 8 units per year, no more than 4 units in one term plus a PEA class. Under this option, unless stated otherwise in the syllabus, A through D- = P; F = NC. Students planning graduate study should consult departmental advisors before registering for Pass/No Credit.
  3. Students must file the "Request to Change Course Grading to Pass/No Credit (P/NC)" form requesting this change at the Student Records Office by the published deadline. P/NC may not be selected on Waypoint.

Grading System

  1. The standard practice at Westmont is to give letter grades. At the option of the instructor, courses such as practica, independent study, seminars, and certain other courses may be offered as Pass/No Credit only. Faculty grading practice is announced at the beginning of the semester.
  2. Courses from which the student withdraws by the printed drop deadline will not appear on his/her record. Withdrawals between the drop deadline and the printed withdrawal deadline will be noted as “W”. Withdrawals with an approved petition after the deadline will be noted as "WP" or "WF".
  3. When a Westmont course with an F or D grade is repeated, only the higher of the two grades will be computed in the GPA. The original course and grade of F or D will, however, remain on the student’s permanent academic record. No additional units will be earned if the student previously earned a grade of D. Courses may not be repeated if the grade earned is C- or higher.

Honors Classes: There are honors classes available which satisfy one or more of the general education requirements. These classes are denoted with an "H" appended to the course number, for example, ENG-006H-1. Honors courses are open to students with a 3.50 career GPA at Westmont or to new students who are Augustinians or President's Scholars. Provost's Scholars may petition to enroll in honors courses by contacting the Student Records Office.

Instructor’s Consent: Most courses do not require the instructor’s consent. However, if instructor's consent is required, you will not be able to register yourself in the class. You must contact the instructor and have him/her post a permission or add you to the course if:

  1. The course is specifically designated with "Instructor's Consent Required."
  2. You want to register for a course with a prerequisite that you have not satisfied.
  3. The section is closed and you want to be added from the waitlist.

Internship/Practicum: This process starts during the normal Waypoint registration period with enrollment in a major practicum (EB-190, ART-190, SOC-190, etc.) or an elective internship course (APP-190, or APP-190SS). Be sure to enter the number of units you are planning to earn when you register on Waypoint. Make certain that when these units are added they will not place you in an overload unless you qualify to take 19-21 units. Once you have secured an internship, use the online Applied Learning Agreement Form (ALAF) to finalize your registration. To access the online ALAF, go to On the Student Information page choose, "online ALAF" under Forms on the left-hand menu. Once you submit you part of the ALAF, the site supervisor, faculty instructor, director of internships and the Student Records Office will be brought into the approval process, The ALAF should be processed by the published deadline. Students are responsible for making sure the registration process has been completed. A failure to do so may result in late fees and/or affected grades.

Off Campus Programs: Students confirmed to an Off Campus Program will not be permitted to register for on campus classes.

Overload: Students with a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or a 3.00 term GPA in each of the previous two semesters (12 unit minimum) or Presidential and Augustinian scholars in their first semester may enroll in a maximum of 20 units + 1 PEA . There is no additional charge for the additional units.

Physical Education: Fitness for Life (PEA 032) should be completed by first-year and transfer students during their first year of enrollment. Only one PEA course may be taken per semester so please plan accordingly. Subsequent PEA courses in a given activity must be at a higher level.

Research and Tutorials: All Tutorial and Research courses require submission of a completed application. Forms are available in the Student Records Office and on the Registrar's website. After the printed deadline a late fee of $40.00 will be assessed.

Varsity Sports: The first time you register for your varsity sport you need to register for the lower-division course number. After you have taken it one time you need to register for the upper-division course number each subsequent time.