Office of the Registrar Registration Procedures

1. Test your Waypoint login

  • Make sure your two-factor authentication is enabled. See the Adding and Accessing Waypoint as a Favorite document on the Waypoint Training Webpage. (see Waypoint link on Registrar's homepage) 

2. View, Update or Confirm your Emergency Contact Information

  • This must be done prior to registration each semester. See the Viewing Demographic Information document on the Waypoint Training Webpage

3. Check Your Registration Date and Time on Waypoint

  • Navigate to Student Planning, then to Plan and Schedule, then use the arrows to find the upcoming term. Your registration date and time will be displayed in a blue bar above the schedule grid. See How to Register for Fall and Spring Classes document on the Waypoint Training Webpage for more information. 

4. Pre-Select Courses

  • Add classes or specific sections to your plan for the upcoming semester. You can then discuss this pre-selected list with your academic advisor during your academic advising appointment. Be sure to clear up any issues before your designated registration time.

5. Meet with Your Academic Advisor

  • All students must meet with their academic advisor to be cleared for registration in Waypoint. 

6. Prerequisite Permissions

  • Instructors have the ability in Waypoint to give students permission to register for a course for which prerequisites may not have been met, and/or for a course that requires instructor consent. A student must contact the instructor of the course to discuss these options. The instructor may post this permission in Waypoint prior to the registration time so that once the student's registration window opens they will be able to register for the course.

7. Register 

  • Once the registration window opens the student may register and make changes on Waypoint up until the day before classes for that term begin. See the How to Register for Fall and Spring Classes on the Waypoint Training Webpage.  

 8. View and Verify Your Class Schedule in Waypoint

  • Instructions on how to verify your schedule can be found as the last steps in the How to Register for Fall and Spring Classes document on the Waypoint Training Webpage. If you have successfully registered for a class it will show in green on your class schedule. 

9. Instructor Overrides 

  • If a class is closed or waitlisted enrolling in that course reuqires the instructor's consent.

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