Housing Office Room Furnishings

Furniture Set-Ups

All of our beds are movable and bunkable, and they accommodate our 80" x 36" mattresses (aka extra-long twins). For students' safety, these structures should not be placed on other pieces of furniture or propped off the floor to increase their height. 

The Ocean View Apartments have standard, multi-drawer dressers. However, most campus rooms have individual drawer units that may be stacked (or not) and placed almost anywhere in the room. These stackable drawers offer a variety of possibilities for designing living space in a small room. Some rooms have built-in drawers that cannot be moved. For students' safety, no furniture should be stacked unless it has been designed for that function.

Bed Instructions

Our solid-maple and oak beds may look similar, but they actually require different methods to assemble and disassemble. For your safety and to prevent damage to college property, be sure to assemble and disassemble with care. A socket wrench with a 1/2" head is needed to disassemble our beds in Armington. The rest of campus, and the Ocean View Apartments, have beds which can be adjusted without tools. Students may ask their Resident Assistants for information about adjusting and disassembling these tool-less beds to prevent injury and damage.

Bed bugs 

Colleges and universities around the country are increasingly facing the intrusion of bed bugs in residence halls. Fortunately, we have had few incidents of this nature at Westmont. These tiny pests are brought into the environment by residents, often hiding in crevices in luggage and used furniture. Bed bugs are difficult to detect, and even more difficult to eradicate. For this reason, many schools no longer allow used furniture to be brought into their residence halls. We ask our students to refrain from bringing used furniture with an unknown history.

For more information on how to detect and respond to bed bugs, see Preventing Bed Bugs at the Residence Life site under FAQs.

Furniture and furnishings may not be removed 

We prohibit the removal of Westmont furniture or furnishings (even as a loan to a neighbor down the hall) because this often results in loss or damage. In addition, we do not have the staff or storage space to offer such flexibility. Since most of our rooms are fully-occupied, or could be assigned at any time to be fully-occupied, it is impractical to move the furniture to accommodate individual preferences.

The only exception to this policy would be for medically-based needs which are approved through the Office of Disability Services.