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About Intercultural Organizations (ICOs)

Intercultural Organizations (ICOs) is an umbrella for several groups that exist to support, educate and celebrate different cultures and perspectives among students.

The purpose of ICOs is twofold:

  1. To provide a space for students of similar background to come together for support and fellowship
  2. To give all students the opportunity to build new friendships and to learn about and value different cultures, histories and perspectives of others

Intercultural Organizations

Asian Student Association (ASA)

Black Student Union (BSU)

Latine Student Union (LSU)

Multi-Ethnic Student Association (MESA)

White Students for Racial Justice (WRJ)

African Student Union (ASU) 

Global and International Student Association (GISA)

Director of Intercultural Programs: Blake Thomas

Business Manager: Jordan Ogawa

WCSA Diversity and Inclusion Senator: Bailey Hall

Instagram: @westmont_icp

Intercultural Organizations (ICOs)

Any registered Westmont student may apply to lead, be a member of or participate in programs organized by an ICO.  ICOs are and have always been inclusive, i.e. all students of all backgrounds are welcome to participate. Programs and meetings are framed and guided by the college’s learning standard for diversity and by the mission, vision and goals of Intercultural Programs.

This year, their vision is to focus on the spiritual and church histories and legacies of different cultures.

Office HourS

Interested in talking with an Intercultural Organization (ISO) Leader, swing by the ICO office in the Upper Kerr Student Center during their office hours!